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Last week we (ok, maybe it was just Fishfan24 and I) talked about what we were hoping to see last week. The Fish ended up 4-2 last week, but the Atlanta series really wasn't all that encouraging. Last week's results only looked good because Tampa prettied things up on the back end.

What's everyone looking for in the Braves series? It's a four game set, but to me a split feels like it's worse than treading water. I'm not sure how you can count on more than a split though. Tonight - with Moehler on the hill - and tomorrow - with Willis - look like the most winnable games. Wednesday (Leiter) and Thursday (Olsen?) feel like crap shoots.

I'd feel a lot better about things if the Fish could take three games in this series. If they don't, I'm going to start losing my playoff hopes.

What about you?

EDIT: Since we never use the poll feature (you can add them to your diaries too - I know some of you have tried it), I figured I'd add one here (and there's one in the post below too. Click here to vote in the poll.