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Rotation: Olsen or Leiter

The Marlins rotation looks like this for the Braves' series:

Tonight: Moehler
Tomorrow: Willis
Wednesday: Leiter
Thursday: TBA

Beckett is eligible to come off the DL on June 30th. That TBA slot could be filled in with Josh as early as Thursday night.

Another alternative might be to let Scott Olsen take his turn on Thursday (as following Saturday's outing that would be his normal slot). Beckett could be worked back into the rotation on Friday or Saturday (or whenever he's healthy enough to go again).

Olsen didn't do anything on Saturday night to merit being sent down. Leiter's start on Wednesday could be the key to the whole thing. While they could throw Olsen on Wednesday, I'm expecting that Leiter will get one last shot to prove he belongs in the rotation.

What do you think? Once Beckett is back, who stays in the rotation - Olsen or Leiter?

EDIT: Edited to add a poll below the fold. Click here to vote.


Who should assume the role of 5th starter?

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  • 12%
    Alois Leiter
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  • 87%
    Scott Olsen
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