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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Brewers at Marlins (7/4)

TIME: 6:05 @ JRS

         BREWERS                                      MARLINS
Ben Sheets (3-6, 3.63)            Scott Olsen (1-0, 3.86)

Happy Fourth of July! Craig is still in charge. No firework launching in/on/at the site - we have no insurance.

I apologize for the lack of content recently, but we've been running around a lot during the trip. I'll give you a quick rundown of the highlights (and lowlight): Saturday's game was awesome. I think - or at least I hope - that everyone had a great time in the box. Sunday's game was great too. We were in two smaller groups, but it was still great. Today should be a great 4th of July. There should be some great baseball related and non-baseball related stories to share. On a much sadder note, we were also one person short in the booth on Saturday.

Wiggins didn't make it to the game as he was in a serious car accident on his way to the game. When I get around to putting together a full writeup of the weekend (probably Wednesday), I'll provide more details (unless Wiggins is able to do so before me). The pictures I've seen are pretty grim (I haven't had a chance to upload them yet). While I don't know the complete details, Wiggins is out of the hospital, and has no broken bones, but he is heavily medicated (which I suspect he's probably enjoying). I am really bummed that this happened to our friend Wiggins and I hope that you all keep him in your thoughts as he recovers from the accident.

In ichthyomancy, I'll take tonight?s starter and a crowd of 28,534.

Other Picks:
Double B - Olsen

Make your picks and discuss...

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