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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Mets (7/1)

TIME: 7:10 @ Shea Stadium

         MARLINS                                      METS
        A.J. Burnett                              Tom Glavine

I?m in New York for the holiday weekend (actually, I'm travelling to NYC today - thus the very early open thread). Craig is in charge until I?m back. Posting and content will be light - at least from me - while I?m away (although I will have a computer and Internet access). Feel free to post more than the usual quantity of diaries and I?ll get them put up on the main part of the site.

In ichthyomancy, I'll take Delgado and a crowd of 38,765.

Other Picks:
Double B - Burnett

Make your picks and discuss...

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