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The Weekend in Tampa

After attending Friday and Saturday night's game in person, I was on the road back to Miami during today's game.

A sweep in Tampa over the Devil Rays was much needed for the Marlins, but I don't think it's anything to get too excited over. Beating the Rays is something that the Marlins are supposed to do. Scoring one run (via a walk) off of Seth McClung is not exactly the most inspiring offensive performance of all-time.

Friday night's (with a solid enough performance from the bullpen) and Saturday night's (featuring a strong debut from rookie Scott Olsen) wins were impressive - but also much needed at the tail end of a long road trip.

Click "read more" to see some pictures I took at the Trop on Saturday night. They're all scenery type pictures (i.e. no picturese of me and/or Scott Olsen's girlfriend). If you're interested, continue reading. If not, go see what Wiggins has to say.

The view of the Trop from the West side of the stadium:

One of the weirder things inside the stadium, a random gas pump, which can be found near the Budweiser Brew Room - which features half-price beer pre and post game.

Here's a better picture of the pump. I'm guessing it's been here for awhile, as the prices are pretty low.

I gained a new respect for Raymond this weekend. He's a very cool and interactive mascot. Here he chills out a little before the game starts (earlier he was stretching with some of the Rays):

The umpires converge before the game (I believe they concluded with a racuous round of "we must protect this house").

Raymond tries to tell the home plate umpire how he'd like to see the game called. He doesn't have much success.

JP prepares to make his move for second as Castillo looks to take advantage of Fossum in the first.

Luis takes the pitch and then gives the umpire a look which can only mean, "Dear sir - I humbly disagree with your assessment of that pitch." Cabrera gives the ladies something to look at. Scott Olsen's first major league pitch. It's a ball. Fortunately, things improved once Crawford was out of the box.

This fancy Tropicana sign lights up when a Ray homers. It's just like in nature.

A view of part of the playing field and part of the roof. Just what you always wanted.