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Fish Stripes on the Road: One Week Away

We are closing in on our trip to Shea Stadium. In case you forgot, we'll be at Shea on July 2nd (1:20 first pitch) to watch the Marlins (possibly starting Brian Moehler) and the Mets (possibly starting Victor Zambrano).

As we've discussed before, we have 15 tickets in a Diamond View Suite for the game. Here's the breakdown on the tickets so far:

Confirmed and have tickets in hand (or should shortly)
Mike (+4)
Carolina (+2)
City Fisher (+1 and a kid)
Bobby from Deep Fried Fish (+1)
(That totals to 14 tickets)

Available Tickets
We have one ticket left for Saturday's game. If you're interested in attending (whether you've already told me so already or not), leave a comment or send me an email. On Monday, I'll start confirming the other ticket(s) and/or soliciting Mets.

T-shirts are good to go. The site store will open on July 6th.

If you're attending the 7/2 game, send me an email with your size and shirt preference (mind you, they all have the FishStripes logo, so if you're a Mets fan, I'll understand if you don't want one). A complimentary t-shirt is included in the game package. Choices are: t-shirt (specify men's or women's cut), fitted t-shirt (men's only), women's pink T-shirt, ringer t, baby doll t-shirt, jr ringer t (girl version of the ringer), baseball jersey (think 3/4 sleeves), jr. raglan (girl's jersey equivalent), longsleeve t-shirt, and women's tank top.

The official store will go live on July 6th - once I'm back from New York. There will even be a throwback Book of Mike shirt for those of you who are sentimental.

No, I won't have any t-shirts in Tampa this weekend.

EDIT: The t-shirt order is being placed tonight, so make your order in time, or wait to buy in July.

Other Issues

  • Carolina has graciously offered to recommend a post-game venue so that we can hang out, eat, and drink. I'm assuming that Wiggins would prefer somewhere that stocks Bushmills.
  • No one has expressed much interest in food. If you're set on having something in the box when you arrive, let me know so I can talk to the Aramark people.
  • There are no more parking passes. Wiggins and City Fisher have the two passes I received. The rest of you are on your own (me included - but I'm on the subway, which I don't think they'll let me park in the lot - even if I had a pass).
  • I'm still a little too emotional to talk about it, but will not be displayed on Shea's scoreboard. Allegedly there's a policy about promoting other team's fan sites. The Mets wouldn't even agree to put on the scoreboard. We settled on (SportsBlogs sister-site) (I'll try to get a picture for them).
  • Mr. Met is confirmed, so I can't be too upset about the scoreboard thing.
  • Everyone is on their own for Friday and Sunday's games. If you're interested in watching fireworks, email me.
  • Previous road trip discussions can be found here and here.
Any other issues, suggestions, thoughts, concerns?