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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Braves (6/23)

TIME: 7:35 @ Turner Field

         MARLINS                                    BRAVES
Dontrelle Willis (11-2, 1.92)            Jorge Sosa (3-0, 2.70)

You out of towners should be able to watch tonight's game, as it will be broadcast nationally on TBS. You might consider calling your cable/satellite company (instead of watching) to complain about the indecent programming they'll be running during primetime.

I say that only in the sense of having watched the past few games, which have pretty much been... not good. Dontrelle pitches tonight though, so there is reason for optimism. If that optimism evaporates early, I'm likely to disappear from here and watch the Sun Devils take on the Gators in the College World Series (a classic matchup of evil versus less-evil - with the Devils being "less-evil").

Today will be the last game played under the current ichthyomancy rules (I wonder if they're talking about that in the clubhouse today?). Ichthyomancy 2.0 scoring rules will go into effect beginning with Friday's game. It seems like we're going to use Craig's modified version of my proposal. Please check out the discussion and suggest anything else you'd like.

In ichthyomancy, I'll take Willis (see the chippy comments below) Sea Bass and a crowd of 32,438. I'm sure that most of you will take Delgado tonight. That's just too easy of a pick. I'm tempted to warn you of how the Delgado-Sosa matchup is likely an individual example of the plexiglass principle (see #2 - no, it's not an exact use of the theory, but I could have also said "regress to the mean" - that just would have been less fun), but I'd rather let you waste your pick.

Other Picks:
Double B - Willis

Make your picks and discuss...

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