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Stats of the Day

Many of today's stats were lifted from another great email that I received. The rest were merely inspired by it:

  • 24: consecutive innings the Marlins have gone without scoring
  • 5-6: the Marlins record since their last closed-door, team meeting
  • 5.38: Horacio Ramirez's ERA before last night's game against the Marlins - in which he threw 5 scoreless innings
  • 311: Career wins for Greg Maddux, the last pitcher the Marlins teed-off on
  • 1: Number of Marlins baserunners that have advanced as far as third base in the past two games
  • 20 : Number of pitchers who have made an appearance for the Marlins this year. There have only been six starters (Frank Castillo made just one start in place of an injured Burnett), so 20 is a relatively high number - considering 14 of those guys only appeared out of the pen.