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Good Morning Marlins Fans!

Random thoughts:

  • John Smoltz threw his first shutout since 1999 last night. 1999 was a long time ago. But this is baseball, so the Fish can come back tonight and make us all forget about it.
  • In the Sun-Sentinel, there's a brief story about how Jimmy Rollins' new contract will drive up the price for Alex Gonzalez this offseason. Clearly the Sun-Sentinel is stealing my half-baked thoughts and turning them into stories.
  • In the PB Post there's a story about how Mota is now the set-up guy by default:
    About two weeks ago, the Marlins were ready to give up on right-hander Guillermo Mota. But circumstances have given Mota a second chance to correct his problems.

    In this case, circumstances = we have no other option. The Marlins have brought up just about every minor leaguer who even has a remote chance of inducing an out or two from major leaguers. They've even raided all of the talent in Alaska. Mota needs to start to deliver.
Those of you who stuck around late may notice that a few things are missing on the "diary" side of the page. Just a little housekeeping. Everything is still here. Some things have just been hidden. If needed we can break everything back out again. Hopefully it won't come to that.

If you weren't here late last night... well, you missed a show. All I can say is: Hooray, beer!