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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Braves (6/22)

TIME: 7:05 @ Turner Field

         MARLINS                                    BRAVES
Big Moe (2-4, 2.70)                  Horacio Ramirez (5-4, 5.38)

Tonight's game begins half an hour earlier than last night's game - so adjust your schedule accordingly. Hopefully the Fish will be able to rebound tonight.

Amazingly, Brian Moehler finds himself matched up (again) against a pitcher (Ramirez) with a much more glittery win-loss record, but otherwise inferior statistics. If only the Fish could score some runs for Moehler (who is second to last among NL starters in terms of run support).

Ichthyomancy 2.0 scoring rules will go into effect beginning with Friday's game. Craig made some excellent suggestions for the new scoring guidelines. Please check out the discussion and speak now or forever hold your peace (yes, Wiggins - you can pretend that says "piece" instead of "peace" and giggle like the little schoolgirl that you used to be).

In ichthyomancy, I'll go with Treanor. The crowd will be 28,073.

Other Picks:
Double B - Moe

Make your picks and discuss...

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