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My NL All-Star Team

We've talked about this a bit here and there over the past week, so I thought I'd take a full stab at an All-Star roster.

Below is my take at the NL All-Star team. It's not just the starters that we can vote for in the fan balloting. It's also not the team that I think that Tony LaRussa will assemble for himself. What I put together are the 32-guys (which I believe is the official size of the All-Star roster) I think should be NL All-Stars this year (including the constraint that there be one player from each team - I did intentionally omit injured players like Clint Barmes).

This was harder than I thought it would be. Coming up with the first 20 - 25 names is easy. After that, it's pretty tough. In most cases, VORP won out over any other stat. But at the same time, I did have a tendency to go with guys who are fun to watch and who are having great years so far. Tomorrow I'll attempt the same for the Junior Circuit. Feel free to critique my picks and/or to make your own.

Pitcher: Dontrelle Willis, Marlins
Catcher: Mike Piazza, Mets
First Base: Derrek Lee, Cubs
Second Base: Jeff Kent, Dodgers
Shortstop: Felipe Lopes, Reds
Third Base: David Wright, Mets
Left Field: Miguel Cabrera, Marlins
Center Field: Brady Clark, Brewers
Right Field: Bobby Abreu, Phillies
Designated Hitter*: Albert Pujols, Cardinals
* The All-Star game is in Detroit, so there will be a DH in the starting lineup

Ramon Hernandez, Padres (C)
Chase Utley, Phillies (2B)
Aramis Ramirez, Cubs (3B)
David Eckstein, Cardinals (SS)
Jason Bay, Pirates (LF)
Jim Edmonds, Cardinals (CF)
Brian Giles, Padres (RF)
Adam Dunn, Reds (LF)
Moises Alou, Giants (RF) - find another Giant

Roger Clemens, Astros
Brian Moehler, Marlins
Pedro Martinez, Mets
Livan Hernandez, Nationals
Roy Oswalt, Astros
Brett Myers, Phillies
Jake Peavy, Padres
John Smoltz, Braves
Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks
Chad Cordero, Nationals
Jason Isringhausen, Cardinals
Chris Hammond, Padres (RP)
Brandon Fuentes, Rockies

Unfortunate Omissions
Pat Burrell, Phillies (LF)
Andruw Jones, Braves (CF)
Mike Cameron, Mets (RF)
Todd Jones, Marlins (RP)
Billy Wagner, Phillies (RP)
Plus about a dozen or so other guys who are having equally outstanding years.