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Ichthyomancy 2.0

Since today is an off-day (for the Marlins at least), we will have a Festivus-style airing of everyone's grievances with Ichthyomancy.

Leave your comments and thoughts below. Starting tomorrow, we will begin using a more refined points awarding system.

Here is my proposal:

  1. One attendance point to be awarded per game. No half points. Multiple people can earn a point only if they estimate the exact same attendance. Price is Right rules apply (i.e. closest to the actual number, without going over, wins).
  2. A maximum of three Marlins (and/or opponents, if a fan of the opponent is playing) can earn points for people in any given game. That doesn't mean that points will be awarded for three players in each game, just that there will never be more than three. This will identify only the players who contributed the most to the day's win. While this probably won't be needed all the time, it will be helpful in instances like last week's blowouts against the Cubs, when pretty much everyone in the lineup put up sparkling lines.
  3. Each person can make a maximum of one "above and beyond" pick per game. Actually, you can make as many such picks as you want, but if you make more than one, you must designate which one you want to count towards points. The goal here is two-fold: one, to make things easier for me to score, and two, to award points for excellent prognostication - not just for making enough picks that you eventually get some right.
Also, if anyone is willing to do the work (objectively), we could incorporate win probability added into the mix. This would be helpful in awarding player points. It's tedious, and a lot for someone to sign up (thus, I'm not doing it), but I'm sure you'd learn a lot from it too.

And last, but not least, if you're lurking around the site, but don't participate in ichthyomancy, feel free to add your thoughts. After the all-star break we will have a second-half component to ichthyomancy, so you'll be able to start up with everyone and be on equal footing. (For those of you who have been playing all year, we'll have a full year component and a second-half piece too. And yes, prizes will be announced eventually too.)


(Keep in mind that I have struck out on my own here and that Craig, the father of Ichthyomancy and the site lawyer, will likely need to step in later to settle any disputes and to make sure that we are staying true to the meaning of Ichthyomancy.)