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I'll avoid talking about last night's game, as there was nothing pleasant. However, courtesy of Mike Berardino, there are some reasons to believe in a Pittsburgh curse:

  • The Marlins first President, Carl Barger, who passed away just before opening day in 1993, was hired away from the Pirates.
  • Jim Leyland, skipper of the 1997 World Champions, was also hired away from Pittsburgh
  • Former Marlins' manager John Boles was relieved of his duties in Pittsburgh.
  • Ramon Castro, now with the Mets organization, found himself in some legal trouble (putting it mildly) after an encounter in Pittsburgh.
It seems the Marlins are cursed in Pittsburgh. At least there are reasons for it.

UPDATE: In searching for a link to add some commentary about Castro's legal situation, I came across this story from today's Palm Beach Post.

On a more positive note, Danny Graves is expected to clear waivers and become a free agent today. The Herald and Mike Berardino, while being interviewed on WQAM, feel that the Marlins are the front runners to land Graves. Graves, of course, can sign with the team of his choosing once he becomes a free agent later today. A team's place in the standings will not have an impact on the transactions. Many teams, including the Mets, seem to be interested in Graves, particularly for his low price.

Maybe Graves can be this year's Chad Fox. In 2003, Fox began the year as the Red Sox closer. Things went South. He was released. The Marlins picked him up. He started out as a setup guy behind closers Ugueth Urbina and Braden Looper. By the time the World Series came around, people around Miami were naming their children "Chad" and statues were erected in his likeness all around town.

Well, that last part is not true. The rest is. So maybe there's hope. Graves' story this year is pretty similar to how Fox's 2003 campaign began. Well, without the racial epithets (hurled in Graves' direction) and finger pointing.

(BTW - I'm covering for Mike today, as he's a bit under the weather)