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Sunday Observations

Add yesterday's game to the list of games that the Marlins "should" have won. Dontrelle Willis pitched a gem against a powerful lineup, only to see a one-run lead evaporate at the hands of Vlad Guerrero versus the bullpen.

Sometimes a guy like Vlad will do that to you, but it sure seems like the Fish are doing that a lot. Yesterday the Fish found another way to lose a ballgame, while the White Sox - who continue to live on the opposite end of the spectrum - found a way to win a game that they probably should have lost.

Now for randomness:

Dontrelle Willis

  • Yesterday's start, his 14th, despite being arguably his best of the year, was the first start of the season where Willis did not receive a decision. Heartbreakers like yesterday are what make 30-wins such a remote possibility. The no-decision drops D-Train's expected win total to 26.
  • Dontrelle hasn't given up a home run in his past ten starts. The last homer he allowed was on April 23rd against Cincinnati.
  • Since yesterday's game was in an AL park, Dontrelle didn't get to bat. His 5-game hitting streak is still alive.


An opposing GM said Florida's trade talks have focused on relievers, with Juan Encarnacion dangled. . . . . . . With Triple A first base prospect Jason Stokes out indefinitely with a thumb injury, C Josh Willingham (.337, league-leading 19 HR, 53 RBI at Triple A Albuquerque) could become a pawn in a deal for pitching. The Marlins love his bat, but he has thrown out just seven of 53 baserunners.