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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Angels (6/17)

TIME: 10:05 @ the ballpark formerly known as the Big A

         MARLINS                                   ANGELS
Brian Moehler (2-4, 2.90)              Jarrod Washburn (3-3, 3.67)

I'm going to need a pre-game nap or a couple drinks to make it through tonight's ballgame. Fortunately, this is the only late start of the series (West Coast games throw off my whole schedule).

As much as the Marlins' pitchers will hate to see him, I'm glad that Vlad is back for this series. I love watching Guerrero play the game. Back in the day, I'd go up to Jupiter for Spring Training just to watch Vlad take BP. The man's swing is so forceful that it's almost violent, and he always puts on a show.

In ichthyomancy, (since I can't take Vlad) I'll take LoDuca (he'll feel the SoCal love) and 42,238 for attendance.

Other Picks:
Double B - Big Moe
Carolina - Delgado and 40,538

Make your picks and discuss...

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