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  • Beckett has a blister on the middle finger of his right hand. More testing today. Since Alois hasn't given up a run in the 'pen (in zero innings pitched), my guess is that we'll see Al back in the rotation soon enough.
  • Mike Lowell has been getting lots of advice. Credit to Barry Jackson for pointing out that Mikey has heated up.
  • This picture sums up last night's game pretty succintly. A Marlins' pitcher adjusts the dirt on the mound as a Cub circles the bases.
  • Kasper is glad to be rid of us.
  • Chris Volstad, the Marlins' top pick in last week's draft, signed a contract already. He'll receive a $1.6 million bonus. Not a bad deal for a kid who was in high school the other day. He'll play in the Gulf Coast League (the Marlins affiliate is based in Jupiter). In the article, Volstad notes that Roger Dean Stadium is just down the street from his house. Hopefully that will help to ease the transition to pro ball for Volstad.
  • From the same PBP article (previous link): "With his victory Monday, Dontrelle Willis became the first Marlins pitcher to win 11 games before the All-Star break. Two other Marlins pitchers won 10 before the break -- Chris Hammond in 1993 and Ryan Dempster in 2001." It also helps to put things in perspective to consider that Josh Beckett has never won more than 9 games in a major league season. That's not a knock on Josh - just further evidence of Dontrelle's great start.