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July 2nd: Fish Stripes Goes to Shea

Hopefully, you haven't forgotten. I say that because the stack of tickets is sitting on the counter at my house. I'll sit in the suite by myself (with Mr. Met, of course), if it comes to it. But hopefully I won't have to.

We're just a few weeks away from 4th of July weekend, which will feature a group of us heading to Shea Stadium to watch the Marlins play the Mets. Details were originally posted here.

Now that we're getting close, we need to do some planning (and once this is all straightened out, we will begin planning our first such outing to JRS - for an as yet to be determined game):

Of the 15 tickets, I'm keeping four (including myself). Carolina requested a total of four also. Wiggins is down for two tickets, and RFerry is down for one. Cityfishing is penciled in for two tickets (but will be bringing two folks in addition to himself - one is just young enough to elude the ticketing requirements). Bobby from Deep Fried Fish is also in for two, so we're technically full for now (assuming there are no cancellations).

If you previously committed, I'm holding a ticket for you. However, so that I can be sure you're still interested, please leave a comment or send me an email to re-confirm. If I don't hear from you by this time next week, I'll get in touch with you before I give your ticket to someone else.

Also, if you'd like your ticket in advance (which I would appreciate, as it will keep me from having to wait outside the stadium for you on game day), you can Pay Pal me the $33 (each) for your ticket (you can send me money via my %mike42%gmail%com% address - and you can do that at any time, not just for these ticket deals). Just include your address in the comments with your payment and I'll get them mailed to you right away.

UPDATE:We have 15 tickets, so we're currently full. In the event that anyone cancels, priority for any tickets goes to (in order): Fish Stripes members, Marlins fans, and anyone else. Send me an email, or leave a comment, if you're interested.

Since we have the suite for the game, we have the option of pre-purchasing food and/or hiring an attendant for the game. Here's the menu of food choices (WARNING: this link will take you to a download of a Word document. I don't usually post files for download, but this one is safe - it's just a text document that I received from the Mets). If you're in for the game, leave a comment as to your preference (either a specific package or to go without a package and for each of us to fend for ourselves).

Starting on page 7, there are some individual items (not packages) that we could order. The downside, for the most part, is that the items have to be ordered in quantities that serve 15 people (other than hot dogs, which are available as half-orders). So, that's an option too. But we'll be at a stadium, so I'm sure folks will be able to manage on their own too.

Unless I'm in the minority, my preference is to let everyone handle their own food, or to order hot dogs (and possibly a few other things) from the individual item portion of the menu.

Game Details
The game is scheduled for a 1:20 start, so it sounds like a good candidate for a Fox game of the week. Mr. Met will still be visiting the suite. We'll also get some recognition on the scoreboard.

I have two parking passes. If you're going to be driving to the stadium, let me know and I will send you a parking pass (ticket awarding priority applies).

The Rest of the Weekend
If you're going to be in NYC that weekend and are looking for things to do, let me know. I'm tentative for Friday night's game and definite for Sunday's game. If there's enough interest in either game, I'll work on a group block with the Mets.

I'll be in town through the 5th. If you're interested in watching fireworks, or getting mugged, as a group, let me know.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Anything that I mentioned originally still applies.