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Leiter's Charity Work

No, this isn't about his pitching exploits. Although, I could see how you could make the argument that he's been a very chairitable guy on the mound this year.

Leiter is working with the Florida Marlins Community Foundation to raise money for kids (the website doesn't give much in the way of details about the specific kids/type of kids who benefit from this, so any monies raised could be to directed little Samson's trust fund for all I know).

I mention this because I wonder why one would want an Alois Leiter autographed Sea-Doo. Not that I was going to bid on it, but this line has to be a killer:

*Autograph has been specially preserved to ensure its permanence and authenticated by a MLB representative.

What's up with that? Alois should autograph the thing in dry-erase marker. What does he have to do with a Sea-Doo? An un-autographed version would have to get higher bids.

The Founders Club and Batter's Box tickets would be cool. Actually, the coolest thing of all would be the on field picture with Alois. Well, it would be cool if you could give Leiter bunny ears.