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Stat of the Day

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I got a great email last night that caused me to look this up:

Marlins team ERA in innings 1-6: 3.14. Good for best in the majors.
Marlins team ERA in innings 7+: 4.58 Good for 22nd in the majors.

Fortunately the Fish got away with it last night.

Other stats:

  • I can't prove this conclusively, but A.J. Burnett has to have the largest disparity between his batting average and slugging percentage. Now, that's not true in terms of isolated power. But A.J.'s slugging percentage (.243) is 3-times that of his batting average (.071). He has two hits this year, both were triples.
  • Giving up outs: I haven't assembled all of the data, but it sure feels like the Marlins give away a lot of outs and leave a lot of runners on base. The Marlins are 27th in the majors in stolen base percentage at 59%. At that rate, it's tough to justify running. The stats prove me wrong about the double plays - the Marlins are about in the middle of the NL. Maybe it's just that they've hit into a bunch of them in the past few days. I suppose that helps to limit the number of runners left on base.
  • Dontrelle Willis has had a heck of a start to the season. He's 10-2 and has had a decision in each of his 12 starts. This is excellent evidence of how difficult it is to win 30 games in a 5-man rotation. If Dontrelle maintains his current pace for the entire season, he'll "only" win 27 games. We may never see a 30 game winner again.