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More Stadium Talk (With Nothing Concrete)

Marlins, Dolphins, and Super Bowl related stadium talk abounds throughout Miami right now (hey, we have to distract ourselves with something now that the Marlins are in a skump and the Heat haven't eliminated the Pistons yet). It's all probably much ado about nothing, unfortunately.

Channel 10 (Miami's ABC affiliate) is reporting that there are no more funding sources for the Marlins new stadium, but that Wayne Huizenga has come up with a new plan. Taking the story a step further, the Sun-Sentinel reports that Huizenga intends to put a retractable roof over the stadium that Joe Robbie built (an old story, but with new legs). And, because they can never agree, The Miami Herald reports that this is all news to the Marlins.

The Herald story goes on to say:

The Marlins have no interest in staying at [the stadium Joe Robbie built], even though there has been no progress in bridging a $45 million funding gap for a new ballpark.

I'll readily admit that I have no idea what that statement means (if they haven't relocated before the end of their lease, will they just take to playing only road games, or to possibly taking up a semi-permanent home in San Juan like the Expos?), but it doesn't sound encouraging. No Marlins official is quoted in the Herald, so it's tough to say if this really is a hard line stance that the club is taking, or if it's just something that the Herald heard second or third hand.

I'll avoid a rant today. I'm not even sure what any of this means. It's odd though that there was so much activity yesterday (and that it was only slightly more pleasant than last night's game).