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Homestand Winding Down

The Marlins are halfway through their current six game homestand and there are three exciting games left. Tonight AJ Burnett faces Roger Clemens, it what could be a strikeout filled matchup.

Tuesday's game is a bit of a stinker (Brandon Backe vs. Brian Moehler), and there's not even an exciting promotion to lure you out to the ballpark.

On Wednesday though, you not only get Dontrelle Willis and Roy Oswalt on the hill, but it's also Paraguayan heritage night - unfortunately the link provides no details about the scheduled activities. I may go just to learn something. (No disrespect to Paraguayans intended, but) Though I've lived here for ten years I did not realize that Paraguayans were a significant enough part of the community to merit their own official "night" at the ballpark.

(And please withhold your "every other night is white male" night at the ballpark - I'm not pointing this out to knock people from Paraguay. I just don't ever recall such a promotion in the past.)