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Weekend Thoughts

Well, I'm guessing we're all fairly disappointed that the Fish didn't sweep the Rockies - particularly since Al Leiter was knocked around again. The Marlins won the series from the Rockies, but the Braves have stayed so hot that they lost some ground this weekend.  

Here are some of my thoughts from the weekend (keeping in mind that I didn't see any of the games on television or hear any on radio - I just attended  in person on Friday and Saturday):

  • Luis Castillo has me worried. When he needs to move, he does so - and well.  He even stole two bases on Saturday night. But when he can get a little break, he's taking advantage of it. On Saturday night in particular, I noticed him kneeling down and squatting like a catcher between many pitches.
  • What did Leiter's mechanics look like? I didn't see him today, but in his last start I felt like he was falling towards third a lot when he pitched from the windup and that he fell towards first when he threw from the stretch.
  • Kevin Baxter said during today's pregame show on WQAM that Delgado has hit four balls at JRS this year that would have been homers in Toronto that were just long outs. If that's true, we'd be talking about how pleased we are with Delgado's power numbers so far... unlike what we're mostly doing now - talking about how the power will eventually come around. Hopefully those warning track balls will start to turn into homers.
  • I won't be picking Mike Lowell in Ichthyomancy anytime soon. I really like Mike, but he's really struggling. He's generally not making hard outs or hitting balls hard foul. Hopefully it's just a slump and hopefully he's not fighting through an injury or something.
  • Before you get too down about the Marlins loss today, keep in mind that they're still scoring a lot of runs and giving up very few. Our friends at Beyond the Boxscore have a post up about what the expected standings look like to this point in the season. Granted it's early, but strictly based on the math, the Marlins are in position to walk away with the division crown this year.