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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Rockies at Marlins (5/7)

TIME: 6:05 @ Joe Robbie Stadium



Shawn Chacon (1-1, 3.27)   Josh Beckett (4-2, 2.57)

I'll be back at the ballpark tonight, and I have to run some errands and do some things around town today, so I'm posting this early.

Craig is still in charge again tonight.

In tonight's Ichthyomancy, Craig took LoDuca. I'm going to take Lowell. Pick whoever you want - we'll even award bonus points for guessing the attendance - but you have to be within 250 people of what they announce (player picks need to be made before the game starts, attendance can be estimated within the first hour after the first pitch, so you can size up the crowd a little, so long as they don't announce it by then).

Make your picks and discuss...