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Marlins Take Top Spot in BTB Ranking

In case you haven't noticed, there are a number of new members of the SportsBlogs family of late. One is Purple Row, which features our weekend nemesis, the Rockies. Another newbie is Crawfish Boxes, where they talk about all things Astros. I must have mentioned it by now, but The Cheat has joined on over at South Side Sox - and they use WPA to judge their picks to click, as opposed to my arbitrary judgments for our Ichthyomancy.

We also have one unique new site, Beyond the Boxscore which only deals with statistics, and no team in particular.  This week they have a power ranking up, in which the Marlins take top billing (closely followed by the Sox, much to my delight).

Check them out, but then come back here - otherwise I'll be sad.