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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Rockies at Marlins (5/6)

TIME: 7:35 @ Joe Robbie Stadium



Joe Kennedy (1-3, 7.94)   Dontrelle Willis (5-0, 1.29)

I've got tickets (and I'm as excited about it as this dork) so I'll be at the game and there will be no live commenting from me. In case something weird happens and you wonder if it's me, I'll be in the front row of the Fish Tank (right center) roughly over the 1997 - 2003 World Champs banner.

In my absence, Craig is in charge.

And, as of today, I've officially given in on my ban of attending Marlins games (for reasons too various and long winded to discuss here), so I'll be out at JRS a lot more frequently from now on. So, starting tomorrow, there will be pictures - which might be a good thing or a bad thing.

Fishfan24 already picked Dontrelle, but I'm going to take him too (hey, there's no rule against that). I'll also go out on a limb to predict a home run from Mr. Willis tonight.

From the Game Notes:

  • The Marlins lead the league with nine bunt hits. Juan Pierre has five of those (tied for the league lead with Houston's Willy Tavares).
  • The Marlins have outscored opponents 122 - 77 this year, including 59 - 25 from the 6th to 9th inning (they've been outscored 2 - 0 in extra frames).
  • Lineup change: Since putting Delgado, Cabrera, and Encarnacion 3-4-5 in the lineup, the Marlins are 10 - 4.
  • NL Pitcher of the Month of April Dontrelle Willis set a club record with three complete games during the month (one, of course was from last Saturday's rain shortened game).
  • Luis Castillo will pick up his Gold Glove before tomorrow night's game.
    Make your picks and discuss...