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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Mets at Marlins (5/29)

TIME: 1:05 @ JRS

            METS                                       MARLINS
Tom Glavine (3-5, 5.43)                   Josh Beckett (6-3, 2.63)

Apparently this Glavine guy has been around awhile. I think he used to pitch for some other team - maybe that one we're usually looking up at.

In the good news (completely unrelated to today's game) department, AJ Burnett will start on Tuesday (his normal slot in the rotation) in Pittsburgh. The Burnett - Perez matchup could be a beauty or a complete bust.

For ichtyhomancy, I'll take Lowell. I'm too pressed for time to look at the stats today, but he's seen Glavine a lot.

I'm tempted to take Castillo, who's been hitting lefties so well, but with it being a day game after a night game, I'm not too confident in Luis (even that he'll play). He looked like he was hobbling around last night and was taking as much rest as he could between pitches (while in the field). I'm really hoping that whatever he's suffering from is truly an injury (meaning that it will eventually heal) and that it's not a condition (meaning that it's permanent). Either way, the guy is showing a lot of heart in playing through it. The hip/leg is clearly affecting him, but he's still hitting, running, and playing sparkling defense.

I'm at a total loss for attendance. It's a Sunday day-game, but it's against the Mets. It's a holiday weekend and the Heat plays, but not until tonight. All things considered, I think the sun and the high temperatures win out and we only see a crowd of 23,374. If this game was being played later in the day, I suspect we'd see a much larger crowd.

Other Picks:
Double B - Beckett
Wiggins - Lowell
Craig - Lowell, 35,782 (plus 10 K for Beckett)
Danielfred1235 - Delgado and 27,046

Also, there's apparently some big car race today. If you make any predictions about that, I will deduct points from you in the standigns.

Make your picks and discuss...