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Judgment Day (Monday) Looms for Leiter

Apparently we're not alone. Even better, we're in good company. Marlins' GM Larry Beinfest has now publicly expressed concern about Al Leiter (in today's Herald):

"We think Al can help us,'' said Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest, who stopped short of issuing any sort of ultimatum. ``But at the same time, he needs to do what he's capable of, which is getting us into the second part of games with a chance to win. He needs to be able to do that."

A nice quote from Beinfest, to be sure, but it's this line, which although not attributed to Beinfest or McKeon, that is the most telling:

McKeon made it clear that Leiter would start Monday in Pittsburgh. Beyond that, the future is less certain.

If Keith Olbermann commented here, he would probably say that for most of us, the future isn't even very certain as far out as Monday.

It should be an interesting next few days for Leiter.

Did anyone catch him on the radio this morning? I only heard a portion of the first question (Joe Rose directly asked him about his struggles and rumors of him moving to middle relief). Leiter sounded defensive. Hopefully he'll be less defensive come Monday - and more aggressive and/or confident. I'd like to see the guy succeed, but if he doesn't, it's time to make a move.