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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Mets at Marlins (5/27)

TIME: 7:35 @ JRS

            METS                                       MARLINS
Pedro Martinez (4-1, 3.14)                Brian Moehler (2-1, 2.13)

First place is on the line, as the Marlins enter tonight's action in a virtual tie for first with the Braves.

I'll be back at the park tonight (have I mentioned how much I love Friday night games with the 7:35 start?). Hopefully there won't be any remnants from last night's Bark at the Park festivities.

For ichtyhomancy, I'm taking Big Moe, who will out duel Petey tonight. No caveats (that I'm aware of) for attendance tonight. I'll estimate 27,552. As a reminder, being precise with your estimate can be of great help.

Other Picks:
Double B - Moehler
Wiggins - Lowell

Make your picks and discuss...