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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Mets at Marlins (5/26)

TIME: 7:05 @ JRS

            METS                                       MARLINS
Kris Benson (2-1, 3.70)                Frank Castillo (5-2, 3.79 in AAA)

No word on whether or not Anna Benson made the road trip.

For ichtyhomancy tonight, I'll take Frank Castillo. Maybe I'm just hoping. Before I make my attendance pick, I'll let everyone know that we got a heck of a (brief) storm this afternoon (which included hail), so the attendance could be anything if people are afraid of melting due to the rain. That said, I'll go with 21,012.

Other Picks:
Double B - Castillo (I'm guessing here... he might really want Cabrera)
Wiggins - Lowell

I'll be around and in the open thread tonight. I know that's terribly exciting for everyone.

Make your picks and discuss...

UPDATE: Will Carroll reports cause for optimism with regards to Burnett's injury; we could see AJ on the hill as early as Tuesday in Pittsburgh. Will goes on to add:

Expect Burnett to be challenged to follow his teammates and go "P-TEC," the new acronym for "pitch to early contact."

That's great on a number of levels. Mostly I'm pleased to walk away with P-TEC since we've been talking about pitching to contact recently (or maybe I just have that conversation with myself).