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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Phillies at Marlins (5/24)

TIME: 7:05 @ JRS


         PHILLIES                                    MARLINS
Brett Myers (4-2, 1.88)                Josh Beckett (6-3, 2.47)

Lots to talk about today.

In the bad news department, AJ Burnett will miss his next start - which would have been on Thursday (I'd link to a story about AJ, but you probably knew this already - it was in the comments last night and a diary today). He's not going on the DL, but he is having some elbow trouble. AJ reported stiffness on Sunday (after his outing on Saturday night) and mentioned that he didn't feel like he was able to generate his usual velocity. Hopefully this isn't as ugly as it sounds like it could be.

Since we're talking about injuries, it's probably worth noting that Luis Castillo has played once since May 9th (when he made an emergency start this past Friday, because of a freak eye infection suffered by Alex Gonzalez). At this point you almost have to wonder why Luis wasn't put on the disabled list, as his absence has effectively left the Fish short a player for the past two weeks. If Burnett needs as much time off as Castillo, hopefully they'll put him on the DL. It's better to rest him now and avoid something serious than to push through whatever might be bothering him, risking a more serious injury.

On a more positive note, the Fish take a season high, 5-game winning streak into tonight's game. Unfortunately, they're facing Brett Myers, who is finally living up to the hype that we all heard about for so long. With Beckett pitching for the Fish, this has all the makings of a great game.

For ichtyhomancy tonight, I'll take Pierre, who has a nice track record against Myers. Attendance is a total guess, but I'll say 15,432.

One scoring change effective today - whoever is closest to the announced attendance gets a point. If multiple people are within 500 fans, each of those people will get a point.

Other Picks:
Double B - Beckett
Wiggins - Lowell

And if you missed it the other day, make sure to check out the post below about the road trip.

I'm taking the night off from the ballpark tonight, so I should be around in the open thread. Hopefully you will be too.

Make your picks and discuss...