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Random Marlins Notes

In no particular order:

  • Jack McKeon was ejected from yesterday's game. That's worth at least two ichthyomancy points, assuming you don't start guessing it each game, or something equally ridiculous.
  • Where, oh where are the mighty Braves now? The standings would be a much more pleasant place for the Marlins if they could take on the Devil Rays each weekend while the Braves were forced to face the Red Sox.
  • Joe Dillon was just a little excited about his home run on Saturday night. You would be too if you'd played in 700 minor league games, waiting for a chance like the one he took advantage of on Saturday.
  • Guillermo Mota, who threw to hitters during batting practice on Friday, is scheduled to pitch in Jupiter (High-A) today. Hopefully he'll be back soon. There's word he could be activated during the current homestand (which concludes on Sunday).
  • And my personal favorite:
    Jeff Conine teased teammate Mike Lowell about his inclusion in People en Español's list of its 50 most beautiful people, passing out shirts to players and coaches Saturday bearing the magazine's beefcake photo of Lowell beneath the caption Yo Soy Muy Sexy (I am very sexy).
No, I have not seen these t-shirts for sale anywhere, but if I do, I will be buying one. Let me know if you see one somewhere.

(And no, ladies, I'm not digging up the "beefcake" image. Google it yourself)