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The Las Vegas Mirage

(No, not the hotel)

I can be convinced of a number of things. To be made to believe that the threat of the Marlins moving to Las Vegas has any credibility would take quite a bit of convincing.

Here's an article that makes it even more difficult for me to believe the Fish are heading to Sin City:

Las Vegas... explain why a team would relocate to a city with oppressive summertime heat and a fading, 9,500-seat outdoor ballpark to play in for three-plus years, not to mention strident opposition to public financing from the casinos. The only way Las Vegas can attract baseball in the near term is if the state of Nevada and/or the city of Las Vegas agree to subsidize a team while it loses tens of millions of dollars a year waiting for a stadium to be built.

The Marlins might not be in South Florida forever, but if the new stadium doesn't come through, I don't see them moving to Las Vegas. Portland even seems like a remote possibility (in my mind), but the Oregonians seem to have more of the necessary pieces in place.

EDIT: In the article (link above), the author poses the question: "Which market in America is: 1. The largest without an MLB team?"

If you're only considering the USA, the correct answer is Portland, OR. If you consider "America" as all of North America, the correct answer is Montreal.

I hope Mr. Loria threatens to move the Marlins to Montreal.

Actually, I think I mean that. Yes, I'd hate to see the Marlins leave town. But it would be great to see Mr. Loria and crew argue that Montreal is the most sensible place for their ballclub, since they played such a large role in the Expos Canadian exodus.