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Half a game that took twice as long

Saturday night's game between the Marlins and Phillies will probably be remembered for quite some time by everyone who attended it, or even watched on television.  

While they only played 5 1/2 innings, the game didn't end (wasn't called actually) until five and a half hours after it was scheduled to begin (lots of five and a halves here).  Much to the dismay of the Phillies, the game was ultimately called.  It was so wet in fact that in order to play Sunday's game a helicopter had to be brought in to drive water off of the field.

While there's something of a recap of the goings-on at Citizen's Bank Park in this morning's edition of The Herald, nothing compares to Carolina's recap of what it was like as a fan at the stadium.  Amazingly, she stuck it out for the whole thing - despite the rain and the cold.  She didn't even get a souvenir ball or a stick of gum out of Todd Jones.  Well, she did get a great story out of it...