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Off Day Notes - Prospects Become Big Leaguers

If you were watching yesterday's game live, you were probably surprised to see Joe Dillon replace Mike Lowell, after Lowell went down with a freak injury when he lost a foul pop-up in the sun.

Dillon, along with Logan Kensing (called up after Wendesday's game), joined the big club just in time for Wednesday's game.

For the first time in awhile (maybe ever), having a AAA team in Albuquerque was actually convenient for the Marlins. Normally the team is so far away from New Mexico that it's tough to get a player brought up on short notice. Even with the benefit of his relative proximity, Dillon didn't make it to Dodger Stadium until one hour prior to game time yesterday. Luckily he was able to prepare himself to do well in the game.

Can you imagine? You're a long term minor leaguer (Dillon is 29 and has played in about 700 minor league games). You get called up on short notice, and then get inserted into the game in mid-inning because of a freak injury. Then you come to bat against Jeff Weaver, who might not be great, but who has filthy stuff, and you single. A pretty cool day, but probably a stressful one as well.

Some stats on Dillon and Kensing: