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Jeff Conine Sings

In an effort to distract us with something pleasant, or at least somewhat interesting, after last night's loss, we bring you this: (Jeff Conine sings. Jeff, and a number of other major leaguers, have recorded a new album, using their own voices, to benefit various charities of their choosing. Some of the guys even wrote their own lyrics and/or played instruments.

On this new CD Jeff sings "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots (click here to find out more about the CD, the charities it benefits, and how to buy it). Other major leaguers, like Ozzie Smith, Kelly Wunsch, and even former Hurricane Aubrey Huff sing too. Coco Crisp (I love that name - even his real first name of Coveli) and Jimmy Rollins recorded their own original raps.

There's even some narrative on the website about Jeff's recording experience. If you go to the photos section there are some pretty cool pictures of the sports room at Conine's house, where they recorded.  

In case you're wondering, Conine's proceeds benefit Joe Dimaggio Children's hospital. You can see where everyone else's proceeds go by clicking here.