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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Dodgers (5/17)

TIME: 10:10 @ Chavez Ravine


      MARLINS                                   DODGERS
Dontrelle Willis (7-0, 1.08)          Derek Lowe (2-4, 2.94)

Dontrelle Willis takes the hill for the Fish tonight. I'd mention everything that he has going for him and what he's trying to become the first to do tonight, but I don't want to jinx him, so I'll steer clear of all that.

Normally I don't like to link to my own material, but I'm making an exception today because this is something you might have missed and might not otherwise know. Earlier I posted something about John Kruk being an idiot. No surprise in that. But later I learned that Jim Mecir, who inadvertently pointed out Kruk's idiocy, is an interesting guy and probably a pretty good guy at that. Read more about it here.

For ichthyomancy, I have to go with my heart - and not necessarily with what the Fish is telling me tonight - and pick the D-Train. Yes, I know that these going with the heart and not the head type picks are going to leave me trailing Carolina all year, but I'm ok with that. For attendance, I'll say 44,023.

Other Picks:
Danielfred1235 - Pierre (with a triple) and 21,447 (Ed. note: I fear this is bad news for JP)
Double B - D-Train
Wiggins - Cabrera

Before I go, a special note to those of you who continue to lurk, especially those who haven't registered yet. Sign up now. Things are going to take off around here very quickly. I'm sirius. So sign up - register an account. It's completely confidential (no one gets your info) and then you can participate in ichthyomancy, make a comment or two, and write diaries.

Make your picks and discuss...