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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Padres (5/15)

TIME: 4:05 @ Petco Park

      MARLINS                                    PADRES
AJ Burnett (3-3, 2.70)                    Brian Lawrence (2-4, 5.09)

It's starting to get a little uncomfortable in Marlin-land. I'll admit though that I'm not that worried about it - at least not yet. Sure, the Marlins aren't scoring a lot of runs (although they are continuing to pitch well), but they've run into some great pitchers this week who have been on their game. Since last Sunday, the Marlins have faced Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, Jake Peavy, and Adam Eaton. It's tough to come up with a better regarded quartet than that (particularly one that you could realistically face in a five game stretch). The bullpens they've gone up against have been stellar too - from the better known Trevor Hoffmans and Brad Lidges to the lesser known, but equally effective this year, Akinori Otsukas and Russ Springers.

Hopefully the Marlins will bust out today. And keep in mind that in AJ's last start in San Diego he threw a no-hitter (yeah, so what if that was in 2001?).

Also, today is Josh Beckett's 25th birthday. I fear for the Fish now that Beckett is old enough to rent a car. Hopefully he won't take advantage of that and run off to Tiajuana with Willis and Cabrera today.

The fish is telling me to take Carlos Delgado today, so I will. For attendance, I'll go with 33,024. Attendance has been great so far, but I'm expecting a drop off for the Sunday day game.

Other Picks:
Danielfred1235 - Encarnacion (with two hits) and 29,999
Double B - Burnett
Craig - Lowell and 43,753
Wiggins - Cabrera

Make your picks and discuss...