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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Padres (5/14)

TIME: 10:05 @ Petco Park


Al Leiter (1-3, 6.67)                    Jake Peavy (2-0, 2.76)

First of all, I want to come clean and say that I took Wiggins' advice and hit Virgin today for "The Best of Same Cooke". While I didn't think I was familiar with Cooke's work, I must have known at least two-thirds of the songs on the album. If you don't own it yourself already, it's probably worth picking up.

I'm nearly sure I can't be reading this right, as I think the fish is telling me to go with Leiter tonight. I just can't bring myself to go what that though, so I'm going with the birthday boy's pick (see the first pick below) and taking Alex Gonzalez. For attendance, I'll go with 38,765.

Other Picks:
Danielfred1235 - Sea Bass (plus a homer and/or an over the shoulder basket catch) and 32,463
Double B - Cabrera
Carolina - Cabrera and 40,568
Wiggins - Pierre

Make your picks and discuss...