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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Padres (5/13)

TIME: 10-freaking:05 @ Petco Park


Josh Beckett (5-2, 2.14)              Adam Eaton (4-1, 3.79)

I hope you got permission to stay up late from your mommy and daddy (you'll pretty much need it through Wednesday) as tonight's game starts late. The thread is up early though, as I'm not sure if/when I'll make it back to comment.

This isn't official, but I've heard that Castillo will not play tonight and may not play all weekend.

My picks for tonight will be Carlos Delgado and a crowd of 41,522.

Other Picks:
Danielfred1235 - Pierre and 27,851
Double B - Beckett

Make your picks and discuss...