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Fun at the Ballpark

So the other night while at the ballpark I was reminded of one of my favorite games to play at the stadium. Now, mind you, I have never actually played this game -- because it's morally reprehensible (or maybe I invented this game, I can't really remember) -- but it's still fun nonetheless.

At many stadiums (including JRS), but not all, they have a designated driver program. Normally all you have to do is sign up (give your name and seat location) and you get a coupon for a free soda and an entry for another prize (the Marlins give away a nice jacket each game). Based on the name of the program, I don't think you're supposed to drink after you sign up, but they never really come out and tell you that.

The fun comes in when you and a group of friends drinks as much beer (or the beverage of your choice) as possible before you make your way over to the designated driver sign up table. While I don't want to jinx anyone, so far I don't know anyone who's been turned away from their free coke.

This game is much more fun if you have portable breathalyzer with you - as that allows you to determine who really "won". (Not that I've ever done that either... but if anyone knows of a similar device that measures blood alcohol levels greater than 0.12, please let me know - the device linked to only goes that high, which can be frustrating).

Anyone know any other fun ballpark games - preferably ones that are more socially acceptable?