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Site Dictionary

Ichthyomancy - Divination by the heads or the entrails of fishes

JRS - Joe Robbie Stadium, the Marlins home field

The A-Train - the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis

Skump - very similar to slump

Send him to the hotel - Seal the deal

Cy Cobb - Dontrelle Willis

Bumnnies - no one knows really. You'd have to ask Wiggins

GRD - conventionally referred to as a ground-rule double, which is really a "rule book" double - if, you know, you want to be technically correct

Oogie - Danny, Dan Uggla

Although it probably makes no sense, entries are listed in the order in which they were added. I'm sorry that they're not alphabetical, or something else logical.

Feel free to add any that are missing in the comments...