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Fish out of Water: Snowed Out?

If you followed the comments from yesterday's open thread, you already know that last night's game was eventually started - after a delay of an hour and a half - but play was qucikly suspended due to a combination of snow and rain.

The Rockies and Marlins will try to make things right by playing a double header today - starting around 3-ish. Unfortunately, there's a 30% chance of snow today (per WQAM), so they might not get either game in. The actual weather people say there's a 40% chance of precipitation and that it's going to be damn near freezing (not a direct quote).

Since we've been defining words lately, we should probably define one more for all the South Floridians who don't understand what I'm talking about: snow.

See the picture below: The Rockies should either:
1) Comp this guy some primo tickets for being a dedicated fan
2) Force him to enter whatever kind of 12-step program there is for people who sit outside in that kind of weather

I also enjoyed this AP Photo (which is running on ESPN and in today's Herald. The snow showed up better in the paper...

... but it was still more fun to picture this scene in your mind while listening to the game on radio last night (as it was only on radio - no TV in Miami). Here's how I visualized it:

I was close. Just didn't have Luis in the background.


- If you missed it yesterday, check out this entry to find out about how to contact your Florida State Senator or House Representative so that you can let him/her know your opinion on the Marlins proposed stadium. The whole thing is nearing a conclusion and this is probably about your last chance to speak now or forever hold your peace.

- In another exciting development, we universally decreed yesterday to only refer to the Marlins home ballpark as Joe Robbie Stadium, JRS, or It-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken-or-written. Please follow the rules.