EDIT (by Mike): Since this proved to be so fun, we've made ichthyomancy a regular Fish Stripes feature (normally part of each game's open thread).

The rules are simple - use your prognosticating skills (ideally using the heads or entrails of fishes) to identify the star of the upcoming game. If you're right, you get credit. You can get credit for more than one thing - for instance if you pick the star of the game and the length of any rain delays, ejections, etc you can get multiple points.

And don't worry, if you join the picking later in the season, we'll recognize streaks and other good work using as-yet-to-be-determined Ichthyomanctric metrics. Check out the most recent open thread for any new details.

Since Mike announced his picks for the day for yesterday's game, I thought I would give it shot for today.  Looking at the school of fish and their lifetime achievement against today's probable starter Joe Kennedy here is what I divined:

A couple to watch:

                      AB    H   HR   RBI   AVG   OPS
Luis Castillo      8      4    0      2    .500   1.045

 Jeff Conine     13      9    1      6    .692   1.764

And a couple that are due:

                         AB    H   HR   RBI   AVG   OPS
Carlos Delgado    33    5    1      2    .152   .585

Mike Lowell         13     2    0      1    .154   .385

To clarify for some in the reading audience, OPS is on-base percentage plus slugging percentage.  That is the Icthyomancy for the game and any disclaimer you have ever heard applies.

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