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Ichthyomancy - Game 21: Marlins at Rockies

Craig posted what may go down in the history of this site as the best diary ever especially if this turns out to be a regular feature, as I hope it does.

So boys and girls, we're going to add some fun to the open game threads.  Make your picks here or in the open game thread (which will be posted later).  The only caveat is that for your pick to count it has to appear before the start of the game.

And if you're too lazy to look it up or read it in the other thread, ichthyomancy is divination by the heads or entrails of fishes.  

For today's game (since Craig has already taken Castillo, Conine, Delgado, and Lowell), I'm going to go off the board and take Dontrelle Willis.  No, the D-train isn't supposed to start tonight.  But I see Trader Jack using him as a pinch-hitter and Willis coming through with (at least) a bases clearing double.

Two notes:

  • Necromancers will only receive half-credit for their selections.
  • Since the definition for ichthymancy was provided above, you cannot hold Fish Stripes (or me personally) responsible for any mess you create while ichthymancying.