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The Hits Just Keep on Coming...

Despite the fact the old site is not updated all that frequently anymore, it still gets a reasonable number of hits each day.  What continues to amaze me are some of the things that people type in to search enginges that ultimately bring them to the site.  Here are some that caught my eye (keep in mind this text is all completely unedited - it's whatever the person typed in to their search enginge and what ultimately led them to the site):

how many home runs did mike lowell in 2004

how many home runs did Mike Lowell hit  in the year 2004 on the marlins

I want to see the photos of the marlins last night game

How many home runs did mike lowell do last year(2004)

And of course, I can't think about unusual hits without recalling my all time favorite: "A book about steroids, find it for me mr google"

Do you know anyone who uses a search enginge like that?  If you do, I'm fairly certain they wouldn't do well on the NYT baseball knowledge test or on a Wonderlic.

Seeing these types of hits pop up reassures me that everyone now has access to the Internet.  Well, either that, or one of you is really clever in finding your way to the site everyday (and if that's what you're doing, you might find it more efficient to bookmark the homepage or remember the URL).

The Mike Lowell requests frigthen me - for this poor person - on a number of levels.  First, the person clearly doesn't know how to use the internet or a search enginge.  Determining how many home runs Mike Lowell hit in 2004 is a fairly simple and straight forward thing to do (he hit 27 in case you're still wondering).

What's even scarier for this poor fellow is that he searched multiple times for the information and came to my site at least three times.  I'm afraid to even think about how many times this poor soul clicked on other sites and eventually became flustered at his/her inability to find something so simple.