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Taking a Step Back, Things Look Pretty Good

The Marlins are now 15 games in to the 2005 season, which means that a little less than 10% of the games have been played.  They're 9 - 6 and tied for first (with the Nationals of all teams) and have a two game lead on everyone else in the division.  

All things considered, things look pretty good - despite my constant whining about the use of the pitching staff, which really might be based in anything anyway.

The starting pitching has been great so far.  Juan Encarnacion has been the biggest pleasant surprise on the team - with a batting average of .321 and an OPS of 1.014.

It's still early, but the Marlins are generally winning the games that they're supposed to win (and generally in blowout fashion).  As a fan, there's not much more you can ask for.

Given all of that, I will cease ranting about things Marlins related, at least as long as they stay in first place.

Tonight's game, at least on paper, is probably not one of those games that the Marlins are "supposed" to win, as the Marlins will counter future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez with sage veteran Al Leiter.

In almost all cases (probably all of them unless you're referring to Greg Maddux as a sage veteran), future Hall of Famer trumps sage veteran.  Hopefully I'll be wrong about that tonight.