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Boog Back with the Fish - for one Night at Least

Last night I ranted and raved in the comments about how happy I was to be able to hear Boog Sciambi call last night's Marlins game - courtesy of ESPN2's alternate broadcast of the game (since the game wasn't televised locally otherwise).  While Boog has only been away for a few games (as he's moved on to ESPN, obviously), I've already missed his voice and passion for the game - particularly since I haven't been very fond of the Marlins two new broadcasters (to be fair to the Marlins though, they wanted to retain Boog, but he chose to move on to ESPN).

He is still in Miami though - but since the station's new, I wasn't sure that everyone knew that Boog is still in Miami and can be heard on the radio each weekday during the afternoon.  You can find out more about his show here.  

I was hoping that they'd have a link to the robot baseball that Boog put together, but I can't find it.  If you listen to Dan LeBatard's show at all (which follows Boog's) you may have heard it on the air.  Either way, it's worth listening to because it's pretty funny.