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Hardball with the Cro - On Hiatus?

If you've lived in Miami for any amount of time and you listen to sports radio, you're probably familiar with Warren "the Cro" Cromartie.  Even if you're not from Miami, you might know of the Cro from his days as a major leaguer or from the time he spent in Japan playing ball.

Today, he's an occasional radio host on WQAM and he talks baseball exclusively.  While Cro doesn't have the smoothest voice you've ever heard, he is passionate about baseball and I always find him fun to listen to.

We may be hearing less of the Cro in the near future though, as he's heading out to California this summer to manage a team in the (independent) Golden Baseball League.

Cro's team will be composed entirely of Japanese exchange students.  And that won't be the only interesting thing in the league - Pat Sajak, of Wheel of Fortune fame - owns one of the team and many of the league's managers are former major leaguers (Garry Templeton, Terry Kennedy, and Ozzie Virgil).