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Marlins Suffer Tough Defeat

Today's loss to the Mets was probably the Marlins' toughest of the year so far.  After strong outings from both Al Leiter and Pedro Martinez, the game came down to the bullpens (the likely weak spot of both clubs) in the late innings.

The Marlins even made a late rally in the 8th (where a questionable call that went against Miguel Cabrera as he slid into home could have cost the Marlins the game), but it wasn't enough.

In the bottom of the 9th the Mets scored on a single to gap in right-center by none other than former Marlin Ramon Castro (you can read more about the game itself here).  Today was Castro's first appearance against his former team.  After all the years that Castro spent in Miami, he'll most likely be remembered for a career of apparently unfulfilled potential, as a career long-backup, often injured, and for his off field issues.

Well, those are the things most Marlin fans would have remembered him for until today.  Hopefully we won't come to regard him as a Marlin killer.

Now the Marlins are 5 - 6, their first time below .500 since they were 1 - 2 at the end of the opening series against the Braves.  Today's outcome also ensures that the Marlins will lose the series, meaning that they'll have lost two of their first four series against divisional foes.  Hopefully they'll be able to recover tomorrow, but overall it hasn't been a great weekend in the Big Apple.