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Almost Mainstream

Last week, David Pinto at Baseball Musings was linked to by Sports Illustrated's Jacob Luft.  This was of course well deserved because Mr. Pinto has done some fantastic work regarding defensive range.

Today though I noticed that many folks have found their way to this little piece of the Internet courtesy of a link from Mr. Luft.  Apparently the Youppi interview was more popular than I originally thought (yeah - even if Mr. Luft was the only person who linked to it and/or read it, it was more popular than I originally thought).

This is like the big time for us here at our little Marlins blog.  At this site and the old site we've been linked to frequently, but never by a "mainstream" media source.  We feel almost semi-legitimate today.

So, thanks to Grover for hooking us up with the interview!  And more importantly thanks to Mr. Luft for the link! This site definitely could use the traffic infusion.

And as of today - or maybe just for today, since I'm non-commital that - Mr. Luft is now my favorite writer.

If you found your way here courtesy of CNNSI, feel free to stick around or come back later. Add a comment somewhere or post a diary or two. And if the Marlins aren't your thing, check out the side bar on the right and look for your favorite team - it's probably covered somewhere in the SportsBlogs family.